Auburn, California (KAUN: AKA Gold-en) Return to "About AuCountry"

Latitude: 38d 57m 17.17s North
Longitude: 121d 4m 55.49s West
Elevation: 1531' (467m)
Max. Runway Length: 25/07,  3100' x 60'

Airport Manager:  Ivan Karnezis
AUBURN, CA 95602,     PHONE: 530-888-8174
CTAF: 122.700; Fuel: Avgas 100LL/80

"No fog, no snow, a good (great) on-airport resturant, and a challenging golf course nearby - sounds like an ideal fly-in destination. If this description fits your picture of a dream airport, you're in luck because those items are just a few of the many attractions surrounding the Auburn Municiple Airport." AOPA, January 2005, California Edition

Where else on earth can you find so much history? Well, lots of places, but that's not the point. I first flew into Auburn in 1985.  I was looking for a place where I WANTED to live and a good excuse to get off the desert (and I'd only been living in Lancaster for two years at the time). I liked Auburn right from the start: rolling green hills, old town Auburn, gold mines, resturants. It was wonderful. I grew up in the mountains and it felt like home.

If you happen to fly through Auburn, stop by my hangar and say, "Hi."  And, if you want a site-seeiing tour of the area, just ask.  I would love to show my Auburn to you. . . . . . . Plus, maybe you'll see one of my projects in process.