Welcome to my collection of flying stories.
This is sort of a "I Learned About Flying by" or "There I was..."

Someone once told me the diference between a wise man and a fool is that a fool learns from his own mistakes and a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Hopefully, those who read these stories will learn from the mistakes of others. I'd like to think that I will never make the same mistake twice. So far... so good.

Go ahead, submit a story via email. I'll put it in here for the whole world to see. You'll be famous.

Real Flying Stories:

There I was... An Ice Covered Cheetah in Southern Utah  Gary, November 1988
Trip to Castle Air Force Base Gary, July 1996
Last Night I Crashed an Airplane ... Gary, April 1998
Delivering a Tiger to New Jersey Gary, Feb 2010
Dead Sticking a Tiger Gary, June 2021

Trip to Castle Air Force Base Roger Bailey, Fall 1997
(Roger sent this in and it's worthy of including)
What it's like to run out of gas  Dr. Cyrus Wood-Thomas D.C.
A Scary night off an Aircraft Carrier (Submitted by a US Navy Hornet Pilot)
O'Hare Airport, Chicago
Black Hawk Down. A true account of 3-4 Oct 1993 as told by Capt. Gerry Izzo.
The Dreaded Dead Stick Landing By: Roscoe Rosche
SR-71 Break-up ....
Tail of a Swiss Miss by Brannan Johnson