Fiberglass Cooling Exit Ramps

These are not yet PMA'd. Let me know and I can make up a set to your specifications.

These are the same ramps used on the Jaguar cowling.  They are about 1 inch taller.  On a very hot running Tiger I worked on, all new baffles and the larger exit ramp dropped CHTs 30 degrees reduced oil temp by 15 degrees.  (The big ramp is for the new Jaguar Cowling)

The 1975 to 1977 AA5x has very poory made fiberglass ramps that get oil soaked and sag, partially closing off exit area. The 1978 and 1979 AA5x have cooling exit ramps made of aluminum. These poory designed ramps do not flow as well as the fiberglass ones and do not absorb the vibrations and pulses from the propeller and exhaust pipe. As a result, the lower left corner of the cowling cracks.