Instrument Panel Overlays

. .I thought making the drawings for the instrument panel overlays would be a piece-o'-cake.  After Jeff Keesaman worked on it for several months, he had several made.  I bought them from him and sold them.  After installing one, I decided I'd get the drawings and fine tune what Jeff had.  As it tuens out, the problem with the overlays fitting ISN'T the overlays, it's the basic, original, instrument panel; it's wrong. There are several places where the panel is not symetric.  I'll make you a set for $120.00
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Overlays: The panel on the left was a custom panel for the Mitchell gauges.  I used the space on the right for circuit breakers.
The panel on the right was brushed (grained) and clear anodized.  It looks really bitchin'.
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