A real parking brake

. .Do you hate the stupid parking brake they used on the Pre '78 Grummans? I did. So, I installed the later style into my Cheetah. It was a LOT of work. But worth all the aggravation. By-the-way, the replacement brake master cylinders for the AA5x series prior to 1978 use the '78 and later style master cylinder have been made obsolete. That means, there is NO PROVISION for the parking brake on the new master cylinders. The installation of the newer brake master cylinder is approved.  However, the conversion over to a parking brake like that used on the post 1977 Grumman, IS NOT.   Now, does that make FAA sense or what?
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Parking brake (1998):
Parking brake (2009):
Install pics (2009):
This is the first conversion.  It was quite simple.  This uses the same parking valve that the '78 and later uses.
This one uses a Cleveland (i.e., EXPENSIVE) parking brake.  The cable comes over the top.
Two more pics of the installation.