Power Flow Exhaust Systems
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I'm a Power Flow dealer because I believe they are the best solution to the exhaust systems in Tigers, Cheetahs, and Travelers.  I like the way they fit.  I like the power.  I like the looks.  They aren't cheap replacements.  They are complete, well made replacements for the OEM exhaust system.  They are just better.  No more cracked risers for one.

I will sell a complete system, for any airplane, for $100 over my cost.  I say that because I never know from one day to the next what my cost is.  Power Flow is a strange company when it comes pricing.  I get a basic discount of 15%.  On top of that, there are dealer incentives that range from $100 to $400 additional off the list price.  I can call and order a PFS and a few days later find out I could have had an additional $400 off if I had waited.  So, CALL FOR PRICING.  Click on the picture to return to "Restoration Page"

Here is an installation on a 1974 Traveler.  I like the way it almost hides behind the cowling.

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