Cheetah Hoses
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Sometime around 1999 I was having some hoses made for a Tiger and had intended on making an exact copy.  During the fabrication phase, I asked the fabricator if he could make the fuel pressure hose 3 inches shorter because the original one was too long.  I was so happy with the results that I set upon and trial-and-error goal of making all of the hoses fit better.  I also went to work on Cheetah hoses. Over the next several years, I settled on teflon hoses made by Herber Aircraft.

Contact Ryan Reeve at: Herber Aircraft Services, Inc.
1401 East Franklin Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245-1875
(310) 322-9575

Note: The Teflon hoses come in either brown or blue.  Blue is a little more expensive.  All of the hoses can be ordered using the following format.

Brown hoses:  AE3663131 (+ size / length);  e.g.,  AE3663131E0160 for a brown Fuel Pressure hose.

Blue hoses:  AE1014035 (+ size / length);  e.g.,  AE1014035E0160 for a blue Fuel Pressure hose

 Fuel Hoses Size / Length  Comments

Fuel Pressure

E 0160

. .Size 4, 16 inches long.  Minimum: 16 inches.  Maximum: 19 inches.  (Was 19 inches.) 

Electric fuel pump to engine fuel pump

G 0154

. .Size 6, 15 1/2 inches long. Fits best with 90° fittings on boost pump. (Was 14 inches.)

Fuel Flow: Transducer to carb


. .Size 6, 4 1/2 inches long. I use a short hose between the xdcr and carb

Fuel Flow: Fuel pump to tranducer


. .Size 6, 18.5 inches long.  Loop from mechanical pump down to the transducer.
 Oil Hoses Size / Length  Comments

Oil Pressure

E 0260

. .Size 4, 26 inches long.  (Was 26 1/2 inches.)

Oil Cooler (top hose)

G 0144

. .Size 6, 14.5 inches long.  (Was 13 inches.)

Oil Cooler (bottom hose)

G 0154

. .Size 6, 15.5 inches long. Minimum: 14.5 inches, Maximum: 16.5 inches (Was 13 inches.)