Tiger Hoses

Consider these hoses and hose sizes when buying new hoses. Getting the right hose size is somewhat of a work in progress. These sizes seem to work on 90% of the planes. I recommend Herber Aircraft Teflon hoses. Most of the hoses listed here will work on both the AA5B TIgers and the AG5B Tigers. These are the ones I use.

Note (1):

When in doubt: Use a piece of 1/4 inch clear plastic tubing with 1 inch marks on it and trial fit each one.

Note (2):

The original mechanical fuel pump had the inlet and outlet perpendicular to the engine centerline. Newer mechanical fuel pumps have the inlet and oulet rotated 45° toward the left engine mount. As a result, none of your stainless steel fuel lines will work and the fuel pressure fitting will not fit into the fuel pump outlet because the engine mount is in the way. The cleanest way to fix this is move the fuel pressure fitting to the right side and to install service kit SK-145. The quick and dirty way is to spend the same amount of money and buy a longer hose to stretch from the right side of the carb to the fuel pressure fitting on the left side of the firewall.

Note (3):

The AG5B is the redheaded step-child of the "Grumman" family. For some bizaar reason, the oil pressure hose is draped all the way over on the left side of the firewall. Add 3 or 4 inches to the original length to get the hose away from the oil filter. (or, better yet, move the transducer).

Note (4):

Brown Hoses:

Blue Hoses:

Order hoses using this format

AE3663161 + (size / length); e.g., AE3663161E0160 for a 16 inch, brown, hose.

AE1014035 + (size / length); e.g., AE1014035E0160 for a 16 inch, blue, hose  "These hoses look nice but are a little more expensive."

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Fuel Hoses [see note (2)]



Fuel Pressure
  . . . with service kit SK-145

E 0160
E 0124

Size 4, 16 inches long.
Size 4, 12 1/2 inches long

Boost Pump to Mechanical Pump

New Style:


G 0154
G 0140


Size 6, 15 1/2 inches long.
Size 6, 14  inches long.

Fuel Flow (Transducer to Carb)

G 0044

Size 6,  4 1/2 inches long.

Fuel Flow (Fuel pump to Transducer)

G 0210

Size 6,  21 inches long. Loop around to the transducer.


Oil Hoses [see note (3)]



Oil Pressure

E 0260

Size 4, 26 inches long.

Oil Cooler Hoses



G 0124
G 0154


Size 6, 12 1/2 inches long.
Size 6, 15 1/2  inches long.