"Never leave well enough alone" -Raymond Loewy

If you don't know about Raymond Loewy, let me say, "In some way, you have encountered EVERYTHING Raymond Loewy ever touched.  Everything from Greyhound buses to your stove to the paint scheme on Air Force One."  He 'never left well enough alone.'

That could also be said of me, as well. TeamGrumman showcases continuing improvements to Travelers, Cheetahs, and Tigers.
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Perfection - This is how I think they all should be made. Pick your own colors. The plane should be easy to build and adaptable.
If you read, "Dumb Design Decisions" on the Technical Stuff page (on the home page), you can see all the things I think were done wrong.

Jaguar Cowling:

STC'd Aug 2009 - (New lower prices!) Not just a nose bowl with round inlets. It's an entirely new Fiberglass cowling with entirely different baffling. Owners report up to 10 knots faster "AND" up to 30 degrees lower CHTs.  No more cracked cowling either.

Cooling Fairing:

STD'd Summer 2017 - Here is another way to drop CHTs AND get rid of that annoying nose gear boot.  This simple little fairing leaves the shocks exposed (about 1 inch) but reduces CHTs by 10-15 degrees.  Plus, you don't need to remove the boot to remove the cowling.

.Fiberglass Eyebrows:

PMA'd Aug 2014 - This is a complete assembly installation that eliminates the plastic corners and the cabin/map light rocker. Instructions are included for modern LED lighting. Figure 8-10 hours for installation (after you install the lighting in the eyebrow).

Aluminum Overlays:

PMA'd Aug 2014 - I would have thought this was a 'no brainer.'  Just make some instrument panel overlays out of aluminum to replace the plastic overlay. Who would have guess it would take 4 years to get approval?

IO360 180 hp:

STC'd sooner or later - This is the current MAJOR project. It'll be turning a 2-blade Hartzell Scimitar propeller. Look for it in 2017s. 

Cooling Exit Ramp:

Owner Produced Part - '78 and up Cheetahs and Tigers have metal cooling exit ramps spot welded to the cowling. These cooling ramps are simple bent aluminum ramps with nothing aerodynamically efficient about them. They also promote cracking on the lower right side of the cowling. because they don't absorb any vibration. The earlier exit ramps were a much better design. I duplicated them, adding 1 inch to the height. So far, the results are very encouraging.  For the most part, owners report a 15 degree decrease in CHTs.

Things to know


Not Done: There is a right way and a wrong way to do baffles.  Most of the baffles I see are installed wrong. You decide.

Buried Antennas:

I first heard about this in 1985. Since then, I've come up with my own methods that seem to work really well.

Firewall Restoration:

I've always wonderd why everything under the cowling always looks so terrible.  I've cleaned up a number of planes

Horizontal Braces:

CE-04-34. When I first heard about this I was surprised I'd never noticed any cracks.  It isn't that common.

Jaguar Installations:

Not a complete list.  Here are a few of my favorites.

JPI vs EI:

This is a Chevy v. Ford or PC v. Mac thing.  You decide.


Not Done: A folder where I dump all the things I don't want to categorize.

Oil Cooler:

My preferred method for the oil cooler mounting.

Parking Brake:

A modern (post 1977) parking brake. THere are actually two different versions.

Power Flow Exhaust:

I have my own way of mounting the Power Flow Exhaust System too.

Seat Latches:

Building a better mouse trap.

Vacuum Filter Mod:

Or, how to make Vacuum filter replacement a 10-15 minute job for one person; as opposed to a 45 minute job for 2 people.

Wheel Pants:

I've made some prototype wheel pants.  One of these days I'll get around to finishing them.
Tell you what, you pay for the certification and we'll share the STC.


This is how I do windshields and windows.

Wood and Fabric:

N8571V: My Citabria.  I got this as a fuselage and 10 boxes of parts.


Who knows what will go here?