Improved AG5B Carburetor Air Inlet

Better manifold pressure, easier maintenance, easier cowling removal/installation, and a K&N filter. For what more could you ask?

In 2005, I installed a JPI EDM 800 in Bert Gilling's AG5B Tiger.  During the post install test flight, we flew side-by-side (I flew my EDM 800 equipped AA5B Tiger) for a direct 1:1 comparison. We compared CHTs, EGTs, OATs, RPM v. TAS, and MAP (manifold absolute pressure). We were both surprised to see his AG5B MAP was about 1 in Hg LOWER than mine under all conditions; the only difference being the inlet design. Further testing by Ned Thomas and Larry Massaro verified the loss.

To fix this, I designed a NACA style 'submerged' inlet and test flew the plane for almost 5 years. During FAA Flight Testing on 10 February 2015, we measured up to 1.3 in Hg HIGHER MAP with the new AuCountry Improved Inlet. Now is the time to gain back lost performance.