The list prices shown below are effective 1 June 2016.
Call for current price discounts and specials.  (530) 613-6488

Note:  Power Flow Exhaust System: You'll need a for your Jaguar cowling if you don't already have one.

----> Call for prices too good to be true.

You can order your cowling in one of two ways.

1. Pre-fitted Jaguar Cowling shipped to your location:

When you get your pre-fitted Jaguar cowling and baffles, all you need to do is install the centerline hinge, paint the inside of the cowling in a white polyurethane paint, paint the outside of the cowling to match your plane, install the baffles and baffle seals, put it together and go fly.  About 60-100 hours of your time.

What you will get:

• Both lower cowling halves and an (un-cut) upper cowling that has been fitted to a mock-up. 
• A new centerline hinge that is ready to install (a $400+ value).
ALL NEW BAFFLES, custom fitted, alodined, and ready to powder coat. (some assembly required)

What you will need:

• Baffle seal material. I use the 3/32 inch seal from Aircraft Spruce PN: 06-02461 
• CamLoc (10 each): 4002 Receptacles (214-16ND), Snap rings (R4G), Flush Grommet (4002-GS), Studs (40S5-4S)
• Misc nutplates, rivets, screws, Bondo, primer and paint


Plus Shipping

2. Ready to fly Jaguar Cowling:

Drop off your plane at AuCountry Aviation in (beautiful) Auburn, California and pick it up in as little as two weeks when it's done.

Includes:  All of the above plus the baffles and baffle seals installed, all of the final fitting and detailing completed, pin holes and other flaws in the cowling filled, primer sanded and ready for paint. This is actually the cheapest and best option all around. In the long run, this will save you approx $6000 in labor alone.

Note: Does not include painting the outside of the cowling.


• Add: paint and stripes.  (Note: It is impossible to perfectly match all possible colors)

Includes:  Painting the cowling to match. 



A minimum deposit of $5,000.00 is required on all orders. 
Final payment is due before completion of the order.
Shipping costs are additional and based on actual shipping charges.
Taxes apply to all California purchases.
NOTE: Cowlings ordered by credit card will be charged a 3% handling fee.