The list prices shown below are effective 1 January 2017.
Call for current price discounts and specials.  (530) 613-6488

Note:  Power Flow Exhaust System: You'll need a for your Jaguar cowling if you don't already have one.

----> Call for prices too good to be true.

You can order your cowling in one of two ways.

1. Basic Jaguar Cowling:

This Jaguar Cowling comes to you fresh from the tooling.  It is drilled and Cleco'd together.  It also comes with a set of baffles and installation instructions.  You will need to fit, drill for mounting screws, install the centerline hinge, paint the inside of the cowling in a white polyurethane paint, paint the outside of the cowling to match your plane, install the baffles and baffle seals, put it together and go fly.  About 60-100 hours of your time.

What you will get:

• Both lower cowling halves and an (un-cut) upper cowling. 
• A new centerline hinge that is ready to install (a $400+ value).
ALL NEW BAFFLES, custom fitted, alodined, and ready to powder coat (an $1100+ value)

What you will need:

• Baffle seal material. I use the 3/32 inch seal from Aircraft Spruce PN: 06-02461 
• CamLoc (10 each): 4002 Receptacles (214-16ND), Snap rings (R4G), Flush Grommet (4002-GS), Studs (40S5-4S)
• Misc nutplates, rivets, screws, Bondo, primer and paint


Plus Shipping


Plus Shipping


2. Ready to fly Jaguar Cowling:

Drop off your plane at AuCountry Aviation in (beautiful) Auburn, California and pick it up in when it's done.

Includes:  All of the above plus the baffles and baffle seals installed, all of the final fitting and detailing completed, Cam-Locs and centerline hinge installed. This is actually the cheapest and best option all around. In the long run, this will save you approx $8000 in labor alone.

Note: Does not include painting the outside of the cowling. 
Final surface prep and paint is cheaper at a paint shop.

AA5B $15,949.00





A minimum deposit of $5,000.00 is required on all orders. 
Final payment is due before completion of the order.
Shipping costs are additional and based on actual shipping charges.
Taxes apply to all California purchases.
NOTE: Cowlings ordered by credit card will be charged a 3% handling fee.