During the 1998 annual on my Cheetah, N9988U, I removed the 'eyebrow' to replace some burned out light bulbs.  What a major pain-in-the-ass!  I was familiar with the eyebrow on an AG5B and thought I'd just make my own.  I knew nothing about fiberglass so I hired a guy who had worked for a composite shop in Mojave to fabricate my own eyebrow.  Nice enough guy.  But, a fiberglass fabricator?  No fucking way.  The guy wasted 6 months and $3000 to make something "I" could have made. I decided to do it myself.

I started with an original AG5B fiberglass eyebrow and made it the way I thought it should be made. I made mine out of BONDO! After I got it to where I thought it looked good, I took my 'master' piece to Fiberset In Mojave.  Dave Chandler was given the job of making the tooling and then a part. Over the next year, Dave made about 30 eyebrows for me.  On the couple that had bubbles in them, he took home and fixed at home.  By 2000, I was working on the Jaguar cowling and I really needed Dave full time.  About that time, Dave quit Fiberset.  The rest is history. 

The thing I like best about working with Dave is that when I get an idea, it's almost as if he reads my mind.

History: Dave Chandler, the owner of UCD, started working in composites and fiberglass in 1982. Ever hear of Beech Starship? Dave worked on the Starship during its original development. Dave is most at home when he is prototyping a new idea.  The actual production stuff gets too boring. Here are some of his most recent projects.  Note:  Dave also has 30 years of experience with lathes, milling machines, vertical turret lathes, and grinders.  Oh, yea, he likes templates too.

Since 1999 (Unlimited Composites):   Prototyped cowling for AuCountry, exit cooling ramps for Grumman AA5x series, instrument eyebrow (over 300 produced), ramps for weighing aircraft-each having a load limilt of 12,000 pounds, carbon fiber handicap ramps for getting wheel-chairs into a van, cowling and interior parts for Cessna 310 series aircraft, fabricated 15 AuCountry Jaguar cowlings for PMA approval and sale, cooling exit ramps, improved airbox for the AG5B Tiger, dorsal fins for AA5x/AG5B aircraft, and the list goes on.

1994 to 1999 (Auroa Flight Systems, W VA):   Theseus aircraft, Perseus airframe and wing, TRA Global Hawk diagonal tails, Ottomatic Program, and X-34 Wing Program.  Dave also consulted for AFS on projects from 2005 to 2009.

1982 to 1994 (Scaled Composites, Mojave, CA):  Microlight, Beech Starship, Predator, Triumph, ATTT, Model 324, Pond Racer, America's Cup hard and soft sail, Pegasus Orbitol Booster Wing, B52-Pegasus, Carbon-Composite adapter and numerous other smaller projects.

If you need a prototype made from something you dreamed up while taking a shower, especially if it's fiberglass or carbon fiber, give Dave a call at 661-916-5015.