Based on 28 years of fluid dynamics experience in flow separation, flow turning, and boundry layer control, the Jaguar Cowling improved pressure drop across the cylinders (improved cooling) by 50% and, on the test airplane (N119ST), a True Airspeed of 150 knots.  The Jaguar Cowling does require a Power Flow Exhaust System.  But, then again, if you really love your Tiger, you already have one. If you need a Power Flow Exhaust, I'll make you a smokin' deal.  By-the-way, this tricked out Tiger did 160 knots TAS @ 1000 MSL and 2850 rpm.

Note, I sold the Jaguar Cowling STC to True Flight Aerospace [(229) 548-5043] in the spring of 2021.

What's in it for you?   That's the easy part.

A completely new, lighter, purpose designed cowling.
. .- Not just a nose bowl with round inlets.
Cowling support rods mounted on the firewall
Completely new, custom fitted baffles that improves cooling,
. .fit better, and moves the oil cooler into cooler air.
An average of 6 knots faster (up to 10 knots faster)
Better cooling
Cylinder head temps are more uniform (up to 35 degrees cooler.)
Easy cowling removal and replacement.  No nose gear boot.
A split cowling. Not just the nosebowl.
Easier maintenance. Remove just the side you're working on.
. .- a safer environment when working on the engine.
. .- no more cuts on your head/forehead from cowling latch pins.
A new Power Flow Exhaust System (if you don't already have one.)

What you no longer have to deal with.

Cracks in your cowling.  Debonding of the honycomb stiffeners.
. .- No more patches to save a dying cowling.
Cowling support rods that are in the way when working on the engine
Poorly fitting baffles. The baffles on the Tiger were designed
. .for the Traveler and not properly adapted to the Tiger.
Losing races against faster Tigers.
Cylinder head temps that differ up to 60 degrees between cylinders.
Fighting with the nose gear boot
The need for (or wanting) a split nose bowl
Removing the entire cowling for maintenance.
. .- No more hitting your head on the upper cowling guide pins
A poorly fitting exhaust system.
. .- Risers that crack.
. .- Overhauled mufflers that don't fit.