Here it is, fresh from LyCon. They warmed it up for me

Gold anodized engine mount spacers

Here it is, getting ready to be installed.

A little fuzzy, but, here it is-finally, after so much work to get the firewall and engine mount ready.

The -B1G6 is a bed-mount when used in it's origial installation -The Goodyear Blimp

This is on the right side.  There is considerably more 'meat' behind the alternator.

Stock airbox. It needs to be opened up to match the IO360.

Modifed airbox ready for paint.

Painted in the same Red Imron used on the plane.

Trial fit of the fuel flow transducer.

Some wiring done. Trial fit of the baffles.

More wiring installed. You can see the small change to the mount for new MacFarlane throttle cable.

Close-up of the throttle cable.

Close-up of the alternate air.

Right Side View. You can see the starter relay and associated wiring.

Detail of the Alt Air, Mixture cable, and a lot of other stuff.

Mixture at Idle Cut-off

Mixture at Full Rich