Where to start? That's the problem and the question. I had a tough time deciding what to put on this page and how. Rather than having a lot of separate pages for each change / modficaction / improvement or Update, I decided to put them all in one folder so you can see them all from one page. Each Thumbnail Pic will take you to a new sub-section of N28747s page.  The best speed to date, with a 67" fixed pitch prop, at 1000 MSL, and 2950 rpm, is 160 knots TAS.

I have tried a LOT of ideas looking for 'one-more-knot.' Some worked, most didn't. I've tried a lot of things that I can't talk about. And, I've done a lot of testing with dye in an attempt to understand the fluid (i.e., air) flow on the plane.  Click on Thumbnails on the right when they pop-up.