N8571V: Citabria 7ECA to 7GCAA conversion

I got it as a bare frame, run-out engine, and 10 boxes of parts.

This Citabria started as a rebuild for someone else. By the time I had $10,000 invested in putting it together, he wanted to sell it.  I bought it for $3000.  I sold the O235 engine with 1800 hours on it for $7000.  Then, I spent $20,000 at American-Champion on new (metal spar) wings and a truck load of new parts. The new stuff included new fuselage wiring harness, new wood, new rudder peddles, new cables, new instrument panel and lotsa other stuff.

When finished, American-Champion issued a new Data Tag with a remanufactured date of March 2001.  I sold N8571V for $85,000