A smarter rear seat back latch.

I first thought of this in 1984 when I got my first Grumman (Cheetah)

I'm sure you've seen these latches in your plane. After talking to many plane owners, I'm surprised how many have NEVER put their back seat down.  Since I work on about 40 planes a year and routinely remove the rear seat backs and put the rear seat back panel down, I am intimately in touch with this little mechanism.  It was desgned to be released by reaching over the rear seat panel and lifting both latches at the same time.  Alternately, if you push on both latches from the front, you can release them.  Problem is, you're just pushing on the (.050 inches wide) locking portion of latch.  I always wondered why the latch didn't have a small flat surface on the front to push.  So, there you have it: Necessity is the mother of invention.  Plus, the window molding plastic fits better.