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I've owned my share of Fords.  I'm a Chevy man.  I used a PC for 4 years in the Air Force F-16 Flight Test Center.   I prefer a Mac.   The PC/Windows system is a poor, clunky, clone of a Mac  (IBM=I'm building a Macintosh).  Computers never get more PC like.

Likewise, the EI: it's clunky.  My first analyzer was an EI.  The price was right.  The EI engine analyzer is a nice quality product.  However, the shielded 'ungrounded' probe leads are very cumbersome to install.  Nothing clean and elegant here. The cannon plugs which connect to the unit are also difficult to make look good.  I know what you're thinking, "No one will ever see it."

I became a JP Instrument dealer because I believe in them.   I'll sell you a JPI for 15% off list price.  Sort through the pics.

EI Unit:
EI wires (01):
EI wires (02):
EI Firewall side:
w/ ONLY the EGT and CHT wires
This is under the panel
This is also under the panel
EI wires before being tied together
JPI Unit:
JPI Wires:
JPI Firewall side:
Top View:

w/ CHT, EGT, Fuel Flow and GPS data wires
The yellow cable is almost all of the wiring for the JPI
This is on the outside.
Another view on the outside.

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