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. . . .JPI makes a nice, clean, simple installation.  Don't you think?  That yellow bundle of wires includes the wires for the fuel flow.  THe only wires NOT included in that bundle are the power and ground to the unit and the two RS232 wires for the GPS

EI Unit:
EI wires (01):
EI wires (02):
EI Firewall side:
w/ ONLY the EGT and CHT wires
This is under the panel
This is also under the panel
EI wires before being tied together
JPI Unit:
JPI Wires:
JPI Firewall side:
Top View:

w/ CHT, EGT, Fuel Flow and GPS data wires
The yellow cable is almost all of the wiring for the JPI
This is on the outside.
Another view on the outside.

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