This page is a catch-all for technical information on Grumman Tigers, Grumman Cheetahs and Grumman Traveler.  Some of the stuff is quite controversial.  Like, sodium filled valves for example.  Another might be, my choice of oil.  It isn't likely my break-in procedure will find wide acceptance either.  You be the judge.


Type Certificate Data Sheets:

Supplemental Type Certificate:

Dumb Design Decisions:

Fuel and Oil Hoses:

Wiring Diagrams:

These are things you really should know:



Articles you might find interesting:





AA5x:  This is TCDS A16EA. It covers the Grumman-American/(fill in the blank) AA5x/AG5B series planes.

STC's:  This is an old file from AYA.  It's amazing that STCs are so hard to find on the internet.

Dumb Designs:  This is one of my favorite topics.  I've spent a lot of time in committees.

Hoses for Tiger:  Over the years I've changed the sizes to those I think fit best.  Here they are.
Hoses for Cheetah:

1976 and 1977  Wiring diagram for early AA5x series. It also works on 1972 through 1975 Grummans
1978 and 1979  This is a basic wiring diagram for later AA5x series.

JPI vs EI:      I would guess that no one knows this
Setting the engine Idle:      I would estimate that 100% of the new planes I get have the engine Idle set wrong.
Initial Break-in of a New Engine:   I've updated this.  I think you'll like it. 
How to start a Tiger or a Cheetah:   This little bit of information may surprise you.
Sodium Filled Valves:      I'm a big fan of sodium filled valves. The myths, out there, are many.

NACA Flush Inlets (NACA-MR-A5E23, 1945)
NACA Flush Inlets (NACA-ACR-5120, 1945)
NACA Flush Inlets (NACA-RM-A7130, 1948)
NACA Flush Inlets (The scoop on the NACA scoop.)
Effect of Inlet Air Temperature and Cylinder Displacement Charge Temperture (NACA-WR-E-129, 1944)